Get the strategy right, get the planning right, get the business right

It all starts here

It all starts here – get the strategy right, get the planning right, get the business right.

Regardless of your sector, the size of your business or your goals our team of strategic advisors start by drilling down into how change should look for you and your clients. Whether it be growth, marketing, operations, investment, mergers and acquisitions, brand guardianship or product launch – defining what success ought to look like is our starting point.

We develop your business strategy to suit your needs, whether it is to provide a platform from which your business can grow or to secure additional investment, finance or any other commercial reason.

Strategic plans are not all the same, and the focus and content of your plan should vary depending on how it will be used.

Our experts will ensure that your strategy meets your specific requirements and provides all the necessary information for your business.

Spotlight: lets talk about race

Employees increasingly care about workplace culture and believe it is important to help them thrive in the workplace. A growing number of companies are starting to recognize the importance of true equality.

When assessing workplace culture, there is a disconnect between leadership perceptions and the employee experience. Most leaders feel they create empowering environments which enable employees to be themselves, raise concerns and innovate without fear of failure but a small fraction of employees agree with this.

At Queensbury we recognise the effects of this disconnect and our ED&I strategy experts actively engage with our multi-sector clients to address serious questions around the challenges faced and the need to address the gap between business strategy and culture whilst recognising the reality in relation to ‘true’ ethnic minority diversification and empowerment within their organisation. Our team have experience to facilitate and address:

  • The lack of diversity and inclusiveness and the disconnect between business ED&I strategies and how it
  • addresses the typical race equality agenda and organisational targets of strengthening the culture of equality year on year
  • The conversation of why organisations do not challenge the disconcerting disconnect between employers and candidates?
  • Understand why organisations assume there is a lack of diverse talent but yet continue to source from the same pools?
  • A review of organisational recruitment strategies and recruitment team make-up
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement and support real conversations around issues of ethnic minority employees particularly, professional learning and development programmes and future succession plans.
  • Manage change programmes that educate leadership teams and positively support staff engagement and implementation of ethnic resourcing agendas.

How we can help with your strategy:

Strategy Evaluation

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Business and Feasibility Planning

Strategic Change Management

Strategic Growth

Transformation and Optimisation

Mergers and Acquisitions

Due Dilligence

Capital Allocation