Projects and Programme Management​

Good project management is often the difference between the success and failure of a business.

Going round in circles?

Too many times projects never get off the ground or have false starts as they have not been appropriately planned. We provide the skills to ensure that projects are scoped, resourced, and delivered on time and to budget to ensure we enhance the value of your business. No more false starts. 


Why do projects Succeed?

Successful projects have a great project leader, capable project teams who understand their strengths and weaknesses and robust governance. At Queensbury we can either plug our people into roles, enhance your own teams’ capability or become your turnkey solution.

Even though every organisation is unique, there are common themes in project management delivery, getting these right at the start of the project are the key to success.


Clear and transparent reporting provides confidence and the ability to manage projects successfully


Good communication is essential across all levels of project delivery

Cost Management

Robust control of costs throughout the project lifecycle is critical to the success of projects


Effective programming and milestone tracking ensures projects are delivered on time

Project Management

Project ‘noise’ can damage a team and delay completion. Our Project Managers have served their time at the coalface and are both confident and highly competent at navigating the project life-cycle to ensure risks are managed, stakeholder confidence is high and quality communication is at the forefront of everybody's minds.

Through gaining a deep understanding of our clients needs and objectives, we provide a robust project management service, with a personal approach.

Effective management of activities to time, cost and quality, a focus on safety, continuous review and testing of the agreed deliverables against the business case, management of variation to ensure viability, transparent milestone, benefits and escalation reporting as well as continuous improvement, reviewing lessons learnt and implementing delivery solutions

Programme Management

With over 10 years experience delivering complex multi-disciplinary programmes both nationally and internationally, our experts provide a safe pair of hands to deliver both CapEx and OpEx projects aligned to your business objectives.

Driving continuous improvement through a programme wide approach linking delivery to outcomes, benefits and improved business performance.

We baseline performance across projects and the supply chain, identifying opportunities for cost reduction, improved productivity and better value. With 'one version of the truth’ tracking and reporting, we manage programme wide risk, change and quality, providing assurance and transparency through standardised tools, documentation and governance.

Portfolio Management

We provide you with a 'one-stop-shop' service where you get a holistic view of your entire portfolio, whether that be a construction project, asset estate or change programme, focussed on delivering your business objectives. Our team support you to define your portfolio strategy, developing centralised tools, processes and resources to effectively manage time, resources, skills, risk, change and budgets for all interrelated activities across your portfolio.

We work with you to develop key performance indicators and optimum delivery schedule, stakeholder management plan aligned to decision making and Exec level reporting providing visibility across all projects and programmes.

Programme Controls

Manageability starts with clear and simple rules. A robust tracking and reporting system must be built on a single version of the truth.

Queensbury’s programme controls professionals keep the machinery running smoothly for complex schemes of work by providing centralised management and coordination of your projects and programmes, leveraging synergies and best practise across business areas ensuring the successful delivery of your desired outcomes.

We do this through robust governance and document control, providing quality assurance and best practise tools, ensuring statutory and Health & Safety compliance and the supporting administration of projects and programmes. Underpinning all of this is the use of a virtual collaborative space where assets, projects, programmes and resources can be managed and viewed in one place for a single source of the truth reporting.

Meet the Team

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Managing Partner

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Project Manager

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