No change to immigration and nationality fees

No change to immigration and nationality fees

Home Office keeps Immigration and nationality fees unchanged for 2020/21

Up until 2018, the amount the Home Office charges migrants for processing visa, settlement and citizenship applications had been rising exponentially, and had risen beyond inflation. For the past two years these fees have mostly been frozen albeit the Immigration Health Surcharge which since its inception has increased from £200 per year per applicant to £400 a year per applicant. It is set to rise to £624 a year in October 2020.

It’s quite compelling to say that the increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge certainly offsets any financial benefit migrants could have made from keeping Immigration and nationality fees unchanged.

Campaigners and MP’s have in the last decade lobbied for ‘obscene home office fees’ to be slashed.  Studies have shown that the cost to the Home Office of processing most applications remains relatively low and so with hostile mark-ups in fees, the Home Office has made profits up to 200%. These profits have divided the opinions of the masses, is it fair and whether the Home Office is deserving of making such a financial gain.

A full list of old fees and new fees can be found on the Governments website:

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