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With the size of the world ever-decreasing, and the horizons of business and individuals’ expanding, the ability to move across the globe is becoming of greater importance. Global Mobility is the process by which an organisation or individuals move to different countries in the most efficient way. Whether moving as part of an international assignment, or as an individual’s global relocation, creating a seamless process and ‘mobility strategy’ that supports the individual or business is paramount.

Taking your business across Boundaries

There is a large disconnect between ‘Global Mobility’ and organisations which ultimately leads to confusion, complication and inefficiency. We aim to build you a strategy that supports you or your business, using your values and goals to define mobile policies that create added value in line with your business or personal imperatives.

Global mobility is more important than ever as it is critical in creating an agile organisation. The ability of the leadership team to understand the complexities of this wherever they are based, will deliver a more robust organisation. Our experts work with the senior management team to support decision making and policy writing throughout the whole process.

At Queensbury we assist both individuals and organisations to support the movement of staff across borders, dealing with all contracts, ‘legal’, business and tax implications, as well as organising the physical move.

Simple steps to how we can help:


Identify, gather, draft, create, approve, implement


Define, plan, assign, test, implement, measure, refine


Request, review, redline, approve, execute, retrieve, audit, renew

Tax Issues

Identify, assess, document, prepare, file, pay


Identify, gather, draft, create, approve, distribute, implement


Rules, regulations, visas, comnms support, physical relocation

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