Coronavirus - COVID-19

The impact of the Coronavirus is having a profound effect upon our lives as COVID-19 sweeps across the world. The UK has implemented restrictive but necessary measures to help control the spread of this pandemic, but it will have an effect on all of us. All of this on the back of BREXIT which has created its own uncertainties.

The Government has introduced a number of measures to assist employees, employers, the self employed and business owners to try to mitigate the impact the lockdown is having on our businesses. UK Government COVID-19 Advice

Whilst businesses can take advantage of furloughing staff, business loans and deferral of some taxes, there will be a time when the lockdown is relaxed and we all have to resume with work, customers, clients and employees.

This will be a challenge and we at Queensbury recognise this will be a time of great worry and uncertainty for many SME’s and start-up businesses, as a result we are offering some FREE initiatives to help you.


Queensbury’s Free Business Clinic

In these unprecedented and difficult times, with all the uncertainty in the economy and markets, driving your business forward, or even just standing still, can be a challenge.

Recognising this, we are offering a free review to test how robust your current business model. Within our business clinic we walk you through seven key elements which allow us to identify any  areas which need attention and provide recommendation on how to implement any changes necessary.

Our initial 1 hour diagnostic service is aimed at getting an understanding of your business so we can apply these to our business modelling tool and produce a high-level summary as to which areas are in need of consideration, delivered in a second 1 hour discussion.

If this service could be of benefit to your business, or you just want assurance you are doing the right things, please contact us and one of our experts will contact you.


Queensbury’s Free COVID-19 Immigration Clinic

Our Aim is to engage with large, SME’s and Start up’s in this challenging time to address the concerns of COVID-19 and it’s effects on the sponsoring organisations ability to recruit workers from outside of the UK, its sponsorship duties and compliance, together with visas and immigration in general.

Our Expertise – the Immigration department at Queensbury prides itself on providing a global immigration service. In a post-brexit era, more and more businesses question their ability to recruit beyond UK settled workers and British Citizens. Businesses are often keen to know what steps they can take to get ahead of their competition. We know that the ability to keep a talented and skilled workforce, irrespective of nationality, is critical in many modern employment strategies. We can support large businesses, SME’s and start-up’s by offering them advice on the process of Tier 2 sponsorship and the benefits a Tier 2 Sponsor licence can bring to their business.

We know that sponsoring migrant workers on a Tier 2 (General) work permit can be a very daunting process and compliance of sponsorship duties can be a burdensome task for businesses with professional assistance and sponsorship duties may seem increasingly impossible to comply with due to COVID-19. Queensbury can help businesses understand how to maintain their sponsor duties during this time where most have temporarily ceased trade or are trading under limitation.

We can also advice on whether they can utilise the Government’s Job Retention scheme (furlough) on sponsored workers and of its apparent limitations.

Businesses may also benefit from a free health-check. Our checks ensure that they are fully compliant with employer’s legal responsibilities towards the prevention of illegal working, as well as other related immigration legislation.  Our health checks are available to businesses, irrespective of whether they hold a sponsor licence. For those who do hold a sponsor licence, our health-checks would have an added advantage as they would ensure that they have the processes and human resource practices in place to enable them to meet sponsorship duties.

Our Immigration Consultation is a diagnostic service which will allow us to discuss your sponsorship/ immigration concerns through a structured 2-hour free consultation.

The purpose of our virtual diagnostic service is to:

  • discuss your concerns in relation to COVID-19’s impact on its operation. These concerns can be generalised to visas, specific questions related to individual employees of the business who hold a visa to live in the UK, or the effects of COVID-19 on sponsorship and work permits. We can strategically discuss the legal impact of ceasing trade permanently, or temporarily, mergers and acquisition on employees who require sponsorship or a visa to work in the UK.

We will also provide a virtual diagnostic checking service if your business holds a Sponsor Licence. We will assess HR procedures, reporting and document keeping practises to ascertain whether the business is complying with its sponsorship duties. We can also provide this service if your business it looking to obtain a sponsor licence in the future.

Depending on the nature of the advice provided during the initial 1hr virtual session, we will conduct a follow up 1hr Virtual one to one session to provide a summary of our findings from our diagnostic check. This will conclude on our assessment on the following compliance sections:

  • Record keeping duties – Has the business kept the correct documents related to its sponsored migrants
  • Reporting duties – Has the business reported certain events to the Home Office through the Sponsor licence within the set time limits set
  • Compliance with the law – TUPE, local authority permits, registrations and compliance with UK employment law
  • Genuine vacancy – Has the business recruited for a genuine vacancy with required a skilled migrant worker

Following this initial free consultation Queensbury can provide additional services such as a detailed diagnostic report of our findings and which key actions must be taken to ensure the business remains compliant.

Beyond the recommendations made in our report, Queensbury can assist the business with helping it implement these key actions through their internal processes and their Sponsor Licence where required.  Queensbury can also provide virtual training sessions to your business on how effectively navigate its sponsor duties and responsibilities.

If this is something you feel your business could benefit from please get in touch and one of our experts will get back to you.