Case Study of an innovation that was born in a Pandemic

The Queensbury entrepreneur programme has been designed to support start-ups, early stage and growing businesses. One of our new business success stories started back in 2019 March, the very beginning of Covid-19 Pandemic. Whilst lots of organisations struggled to cope with impactful changes, some have decided to use these unprecedented times to their advantage. Therefore, the idea of MumPod® was born after Queensbury’s Managing Partner Sarah Thorne had reached out to Award Winning Lactation Consultant Rosamund McFadden. Rosamund described her vision and after a few months of business preparation the Queensbury Group invested into MumPod® Company Limited.

The problem

It is not a secret that there is not enough places where parents can rest, express or breastfeed their babies when they are at work, at learning institution, travelling or when out and about. 

The solution

The MumPod® is a self-containing unit that is clean, private, lockable, comfortable, accessible and has soundproofing and temperature control capabilities.


Focus is on the customers based in the UK:
shopping centres, airport terminals,
universities, corporate businesses, railway terminals and etc.

MumPod® App

This app is a second phase project that would allow parents to find the closest MumPod® and book it at their own convenience. It is a great tool that enables them to plan their day.

Purchase or Lease/Hire

Available to purchase and there are plans for lease and hire model available with a minimum of 3 months agreement.

Unique features

The MumPod® has a well-designed integrated seating area, milk fridge as well as a changing table. It is big enough to fit a double pram and a wheelchair. 

Employer benefits

Reduce Sick Leave & close gender pay gap
Become an inclusive employer
Attract and retain the best staff
Protect breastfeeding and staffs’ health

Product reviews

MumPod® Timeline

  • March 2020

    The idea is being discussed with Queensbury's Managing Partners Richard and Sarah.

  • April 2020

    Market Research has been conducted and findings were analysed by Laura.

  • May 2020

    Rosamund joins Queensbury's Incubator programme.

  • June 2020

    MumPod® design preparation and review. Business plan writing.

  • July - September 2020

    Project planning and writing specifications by Kate and Lisa Morris. Showcasing samples, equipment for the prototype.

  • November 2020 - March 2021

    Tender the process for MumPod® prototype.

  • January - March 2021

    Creation of the sales strategy. By Sarah Thorne and Richard Naylor.

  • March 2021

    Company formation, Website and branding. Creating a Marketing plan and product launch strategy.

  • March - July 2021

    Technical design, production and manufacturing of the prototype.

  • June - August 2021

    Beginning of Social Media Campaign.

  • August 2021

    Delivery and the very first MumPod® prototype display.

  • August 2021

    The beginning of sales meetings.

“The Mumpod has been a really interesting and rewarding project for the Queensbury incubator.

In one respect being able to help launch such a great social product which is much needed in the community, but also from a commercial aspect, where we have helped Rosamund to build on her idea and go through the whole process right up to manufacturing a Prototype which was launched in August 2021 in the Milton Keynes Shopping Centre.

Our incubator has worked in the background, supporting the Mumpod project whenever it has been needed. Our ethos is always to help bring out the entrepreneur’s own skills and expertise, but never taking over, just being a helping hand and offer the support needed as and when necessary.

Like all new businesses there have been challenges to overcome but as a team we have worked each problem and helped Ros to reach her ambitions.” -
Richard Naylor
Queensbury Managing Partner

MumPod® prototype arrives to Milton Keynes

'Today I want to tell you a very happy story.

The story began 18 months ago, an entrepreneur sitting in a Business Accelerator. Doing what entrepreneurs do, pinging ideas left, right and centre, conceptualising and writing on walls!

She was discussing the needs of the breastfeeding mother who returns to work, because that is what her world revolves around, boobs, babies and business. Her consultancy KeepingMum was in it's infancy, a package of bespoke services for employers to support the pregnant and breastfeeding employee.

It came to her, as she sat in a meeting pod in the middle of the 2nd floor of an office building, "what we need is a place, a pod, A MUM POD!!!"
6 months on, the logo was designed, the MumPod® was registered as a trademark and the entrepreneur had secured investors after being approached with a request to join her on the journey to bring this concept to the market.

I am that entrepreneur, my investors are Queensbury the tender process for the manufacture of the MumPod® is over and I am proud to announce I am now the Founder and Managing Director of a new business MumPod® Company Limited. I couldn't thank Richard and Sarah for their mentoring and dedication. Queensbury's team helped MumPod® to see the day light despite the challenges resulting from the pandemic. If I had to choose business incubator programme once again, it undoubtedly would be The Queensbury Group.'
Rosamund McFadden
Founder of MumPod®

MumPod® Team

Richard naylor

Managing Partner

Sarah Thorne

Managing Partner

Laura Borrill

Head of Research & Social Media

Lisa Grigg

Office Manager

Kate Aspinall

Project Manager

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