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We assist organisations of all sizes and market areas and have a wealth of knowledge to provide our clients with all round assistance.

We have notable experience of providing managed and advisory immigration services across the full range of business immigration. We will ensure that the advice and solutions we provide you not only meet Immigration compliance requirements but also make perfect business sense.

Securing a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

Employers who do not have a sponsorship licence are currently not able to employ non-EEA skilled workers from outside the European Union. A Sponsor licence has always been a crucial tool for organisations looking to reduce the skills gap and fill STEM occupation shortages in the UK. From January 2021, employers looking to hire from the European Union and employ EU citizens moving to the UK to work, will also require a sponsorship licence to do so.

We provide expert assistance by auditing your current HR systems and recruitment methods to ensure that your organisation has the right process and system in place to both meet monitoring and reporting requirements and sponsorship duties. Our team will assist in collating the necessary supporting documentation, drafting the online application and brief your staff on their duties, compliance duties and responsibilities.

Sponsor Licence Management

Navigating a sponsor licence can be a perilous journey for the unfamiliar. Sponsors fulfill many of their duties to the Home Office via the online sponsorship management system (SMS) such as reporting certain information or events, and activities related the Certificate of Sponsor used to sponsor migrant workers. Not complying with reporting duties can have an adverse effect on the licence and may even trigger a compliance visit from the Home Office.

Our team can help by managing your licence, by shouldering the burden placed upon your Authorising officer and Level 1 users. We can provide comprehensive reports on all areas of SMS user activities, highlight potential areas of compliance risk and ensuring that key dates and events are reported in time. We also assist with assignment and allocation requests of Certificate of Sponsorships and the licence renewal process.

Compliance Checks & Audits

We provide legal advisory services combined with compliance solutions, to help organisations reduce compliance risk. It is vital that an organisation recognises it's right to work duties, and does so with upmost importance, as the consequences of not doing so can lead to enforcement action.

The Home Office has the right to conduct announced or unannounced visits on any UK employer. Visits are usually scheduled as a spot audit on existing organisations who hold a Licence to sponsor foreign nationals, to ensure that they are meeting their existing responsibilities, and complying with its duties to prevent illegal working.

Our Audit & Compliance services provides soft audits for peace-of-mind or a full mock audit created to identify any areas of non-compliance which are set out in a comprehensive audit report. We will endeavour to identify issues of non-compliance and train your organisation on how to better your processes. Compliance is vital in order to ensure your sponsored migrants remain protected and that your organisation is protected from losing its licence.

HR / Organisation Training

As our UK work force becomes more culturally diverse, gaining an in-sight into UK Immigration law, and in particular the rules which allow us to employ foreign nationals, makes business sense. Foreign nationals are an integral part the UK workforce, which is why it is key to understand the responsibilities your organisation has in ensuring it keeps the correct identity records, and documentation, which proves that it's employees have the legal right to work in the UK.

We provide training on all areas of UK Immigration law, tailored to specific instructions, and provide webinars on latest developments to keep your organisation aware of current developments.

Our training courses help organisations empower their employees with knowledge and helping them gain new skills and abilities.

We can deliver training to HR teams and personnel, as well specific departments. Our training sessions can complement your organisations Continuing Professional Development Policy and can be provided in person, and on an online platform.

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