Queensbury launches free business and immigration clinics


In response to the ongoing Coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, Queensbury is launching two new ‘business clinics’ to help businesses navigate the uncertain road ahead.

We have recognised that there is an immense amount of uncertainty in the UK whilst the majority of the country is in lockdown and trading for SME’s and start-ups is difficult, if not almost impossible. With that in mind we are offering a free 2 hour virtual ‘clinic’ where will discuss you business, your fears and concerns that are keeping you awake and offer our expert assistance to help guide you through these uncertain times.

Our Business Clinics are aimed at your business as a whole, your strategy and growth plan post-Covid-19 and also your concerns regarding your employee’s, their status and your duties regarding your sponsor licences.

If you would like to take advantage of these free clinics, just click on the COVID-19 menu above and get in touch.

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